MV CHALLENGE 2018 "Would you be my friend?"

Model 1: Marie Fleur
Company: Mr Lee's minis
Scale:  28 mm

Model 2: Stardrake head
Company: GW
Scale: 28 mm

Story begins with a challenge from a painter and a team I specially admire: Roman Lappat and Massive Voodoo. This summer the MV challenge dared us to build sceneries including penguins or Marie Fleur. I chose the 2nd option apreciating so great opportunity to go beyond our confort limits.

Marie is a cute and delicate mini, small but really beautiful, it transmit a lot, lovely. It arrived home just in a few days.

First step was imagine the composition and characters. She is a little girl holding a flower at her back. The question is, who is this flower for?

 I remember to be asking my family for their own opinions like a brainstorm: to a robot, her mother, a boyfriend...were possible candidates. Finally, I remembered I was keeping a dragon head from Sigmar Stardrake, could it be a possible friend?

But, what about the scenery: a forest, a castle, a fantasy gate?

I also found this great drawing on the net, which catched my attention because of its composition and contrast. Concept art is always a source of inspiration to me.

Artwork by Christopher Balaskas

Then ingredients were ready to create. I prepared different kind of materials to get heterogeneity, inspired by Massive Voodoo website: cork, polyestirene, clay, sand...

Final idea: a little girl discovered a dragon living inside a castle ruins, Could he be my friend? She thought.

I always do a black&white primer to define lights and shadows, note that all lighted lines go to the main character: Marie.

Would you be my friend dear dragon?

Painting process was challenging cause of the great contrast between light and shadows. I mainly used brown with more yellowish ochre on one side and blue-turquoise to the other. I also used Citadel washes for getting stronger shadows and drawed fine lines to clean the scene.

Final photos:

It was really enjoyable to carry out this project. Luckily it took a bronze in the contest, what made me feel even happier. I am just waiting for the next challenge!

Thanks for reading, don't forget to vote HERE 


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